Sundays at HeartSpace

Conscious Community

Sundays at HeartSpace are a relaxed, joyful and deep.

The 11:00 am Sunday service lasts an hour, give or take ten minutes. YouthSpace starts receiving kids at 10:50. We meet at 4312 Live Oak Street, Dallas, TX 75204. Here’s the map.The Sunday talks are positive and practical, often humorously delivered, sometimes interactive and participatory, and usually a bit on the unorthodox side. Our gifted music team brings vitality to the message and the overall experience, performing tunes from a variety of genres — New Thought inspirational, rock, R&B… you just never know. The real power of Sundays comes from the community itself. Inclusive, welcoming, and diverse, our community is, is… Well, it’s the heart of HeartSpace.

You can wear whatever you want. Our Sunday Experience is real, and we really don’t care how you dress.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome. Our Sunday Experience is open, and we won’t pressure you to come back, sign up, or give money. (You are welcome to do any or all of these, but it’s your thing.)

We teach tools for positive, practical spirituality. We don’t do guilt, shame, or damnation. Also, plan to laugh. A lot.