At HeartSpace we are dedicated to opening minds and awakening hearts through the study of ancient wisdom and New Thought philosophies and teachings.

The idea of studying religion and/or spirituality is exciting to some, and a scary and daunting undertaking for others.We create a safe, loving, and fun-filled environment to question, be frustrated, angry, relieved, excited, enlightened…whatever you feel or experience. It’s all great with us.

  1. There are several core beliefs that we believe are essential for learning and which form the foundation of all our classes and workshops.
  2. You need not take anything that we teach as truth. In fact, we encourage you not to. Instead, you must prove it for yourself…that is what ultimately makes it real. Until then, it’s all just interesting ideas and concepts.
  3. We’re comfortable in the “I don’t know” space because we know it’s a powerful place to be. We embrace the space between “I don’t know” and “I get it” as a necessary part of the learning process. We know that Truth is always revealed in time, on time, and you are perfect right where you are.
  4. We know that study leads to knowledge, but knowledge becomes wisdom only when we live it.
  5. We know that no matter what we study or how long we study it, there will always be more. After all, if God is infinite then the more we learn, the more we encounter the Mystery.

Make a commitment to yourself to take a class, any class, at HeartSpace. You will be so glad you did.