Conscious Giving

Conscious giving is the practice of making a financial contribution or pledge to a place where you are spiritually fed.

At HeartSpace, we know that conscious giving is something we choose to do out of a generous spirit of love and gratitude, rather than out of a sense of obligation. Most importantly conscious giving is a demonstration of faith that God is our source of abundance. It puts us into the flow of good that moves through life and releases the fear and habitual ‘not enough’ mentality. Conscious giving sets in motion the Law of Circulation.

Traditionally, many who make a financial pledge to a community practice tithing, which is giving ten percent of your earnings. If ten percent inspires you then go for it. However, any amount that stretches you and makes you examine and move through your beliefs around lack and limitation is the percentage with which we encourage you to begin your conscious giving practice. If that is 5%, 8% or 15%, it is yours to take into prayer to know the right amount for you.

Be sure to consider not only where you are giving to, but where you are giving from. One thing is absolutely true: whatever the amount, it must be given with love. If giving is done with underlying motives of trying to get more, then you will not experience the gifts and freedom of this amazing practice.

We encourage you to give pledging or tithing a chance to prove that prosperity is your birthright, and HeartSpace has many ways to support you on your journey of expanding your prosperity consciousness. We offer classes that include learning and practicing the Law of Circulation. Give yourself the gift of a Prayer Practitioner session to support you in your revelation of abundance; or you may simply request prayer from our Ministry of Prayer and they will pray for you.