Affirmative Prayer

At HeartSpace, we use what we call affirmative prayer. Are prayer and affirmative prayer the same thing? The answer is both yes and no. If a prayer recognizes the allness, oneness and wholeness of Universal Spirit and confirms our union with this Presence, then it is indeed affirmative. If a prayer is a pleading or desperate cry out to a heavenly being who sits in judgment and then decides whether we are “good” enough to have our request fulfilled, then it is not affirmative.

So who do we say our prayers to? HeartSpace teaches that we are all of God, the One Mind. The power and vitality of prayer lies in our awareness of our union with this power and presence. The approach to Spirit is direct, through our own consciousness. You might say that we are praying “through” instead of praying “to.”

God can do for us only what It can do through us. If your prayer is for love, be receptive to love. If your prayer is for abundance, be ready to receive it! If you find your prayer is “not answered,” take time to go within yourself and ask, “What is it I need to know, understand, allow?” Ask the power of God within you to clearly guide you. The answers are there, right within you.

Remember, you can always pray: long prayers, short prayers, silently or out loud, alone or with someone else! Although HeartSpace teaches a specific type of prayer, never let that stop you from going for it NOW. God, the Universal Mind, listens to the intentions of your heart.

The absolute Truth is that PRAYER WORKS! Prove it for yourself.