Spiritual Practices

Sacred Service

There may be no greater joy on the spiritual path than to know we are making a positive contribution to other members of our human family, our planet and our world.

To do so selflessly – with no expectation of recognition or return – quiets the ego and creates a field of oneness and belonging that heals our hearts and minds. Paradoxically, it is that which we do out of selflessness that ends up gracing us the most.

Sacred service is not drudgery and we don’t do it to earn God’s favor. Service is made sacred when we do it with the knowledge that, no matter our task, cause, or passion, what we are really doing is serving the One. It is joyfully giving our gifts and talents in whatever way and to whichever purpose we are passionate about.

HeartSpace has many opportunities for service and we would love it if you want to give your gifts here, but ultimately it’s all for God so… just do it! For service opportunities within HeartSpace, shoot us an email at reachout@heartspacedallas.org.