Spiritual Practices


Meditation is the practice of becoming still (mentally, physically and emotionally). When we do this we turn within to discover an inner world that is vast and real.

Meditation allows us to slow down our habitual thinking so we can begin to see patterns of creation. More importantly, it allows us to tap into the brilliance of God/Life within us. We have access to as much inspiration, intuition, power and presence as we will ever need, but we must go within to build a relationship with it. This is scary for many people because the first thing they think they will see is how messed up their thinking is, and how crazy their monkey mind is. That’s when most people retreat and run for cover, but that is just the initial entry and it calms down pretty quickly if you stay with it, relax, and enjoy the moments of silence.

Meditation is a practice, like going to the gym consistently and seeing results in a few months. When you meditate regularly, you will begin to experience more energy, peace, freedom of thought and clarity. It is said that as vast as the outside, physical world and cosmos are, the inner world is even greater. This inner cosmos becomes accessible with a meditation practice.