Rev. Marsha Meghdadpour

To Lead is to Serve

Rev. Marsha Meghdadpour

Education Coordinator


Rev. Marsha Meghdadpour joyfully joined HeartSpace Dallas as an Assistant Staff Minister on its Fifth Anniversary Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017. This is after having about 10 years of association and a loving connection with Rev. Chris “Hoss” Terry, and more than 15 years as an Ordained Minister of the Centers for Spiritual Living.  After her many years in ministry, growing and learning more about herself and what it means to minister to others, she asked Chris if she could join the HeartSpace Team to be of service to this growing ministry, as being of service and teaching the principles of the Science of Mind are her passion. Marsha and Chris first served together as Assistant Ministers at CSL Dallas. Marsha went on to do Interim Ministry at Centers that were in-between ministers, while at the same time, Chris was getting HeartSpace off the ground.

In her 20 years as a minister, Rev. Marsha has been a Founding Minister, an Assistant Minister, an Interim Minister and a Part-Time or Retired Minister, as she is now at HeartSpace. Her intention is to be in service where her skills and talents may best be utilized. This will involve teaching, participating in Sunday service, working with volunteers and people in the community, and putting her leadership skills to use with the vision of HeartSpace’s growth, abundance, and joyful celebration of Life.

The last thing to know about Marsha, before you get to know her better for yourself, is that her 2 children and 3 grandchildren are the loves of her life. She says Divine guidance sent her back to Dallas to be with them and to bring her service and skills to the Dallas area, thus, leaving a thriving and growing ministry in Colorado. She spends a great deal of her free time with them, and the most recent member of her family, Peanut, her adopted little dog.