Rev. Chris Terry

To Lead is to Serve

Rev. Chris Terry



While her passion is helping people grow, her genius lies in helping them discover and discard the patterns that block their inherent wholeness, freeing them to live in their own zone of genius.

Chris’s background is as diverse as her heritage, and includes entrepreneurship, volunteerism and alcoholism (recovered). She began her ministerial training the day she was born, but was formally trained through the Holmes Institute, where she received a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies and was trained as a Science of Mind and Spirit Minister. Her ministerial license is through the Centers for Spiritual Living, an international organization over a quarter of a million strong. The Centers for Spiritual Living spiritual communities, including HeartSpace, are realizing the vision of a world that works for everyone and a life that works for each.

Chris loves to talk and she is deeply grateful she gets to do it every week as part of her job. About this, one HeartSpace member says, “If you are looking for some profound thought to kick-start your reflections on self, love, and the godliness within each of us, this is the place for you! Chris Terry delivers her inspiring thoughts in a spontaneous, down to earth, and proudly imperfect manner.”

Chris prides herself on being an every-day kind of person, strives to take herself seriously as little as possible, and desires to live undefended and open hearted. Her favorite spiritual practices are service and giggling.