Alexis Yancey, RSCP

To Lead is to Serve

Alexis Yancey, RSCP

Prayer & Spiritual Coaching


Alexis Yancey became a licensed practitioner and spiritual coach after her life was turned around by working with a Science of Mind Practitioner. “There is only one life, that life is God’s life, that life is perfect, that life is my life now.” That popular New Thought chant has become a source of strength in her life as she realized each moment is a gift and every second is a miracle.

When Alexis lived in New York City working as a network television news producer, a friend suggested she work with a Science of Mind Practitioner to help her as an alternative to seeing a psychologist for therapy. Alexis said she had to keep an open mind when they first met because the teaching contrasted greatly with the view of God she learned growing up in the Lutheran church. But it resonated with what she had always felt in her soul from the time she was a little girl – that there was a bigger reality of an all-encompassing God that loved everyone unconditionally and only wants us to have what we truly desire.

The teaching turned her life around and helped her so much that a short time later, she felt called to become a licensed Practitioner and spiritual coach. “I have seen miracles manifest in my life and others over and over again because the Science of Mind principles work when you work them, believe them, and practice them,” Alexis said. “Spiritual practice made me realize my true calling in life is to be my authentic, higher self, living in service and speaking the Spiritual Truth for all. I am here to serve.”