There is a still small voice that calls to us, telling us that there is something that only we can do. A calling, a higher purpose, a passion, a way of being or doing in the world. But we sometimes ignore it — maybe we’re afraid of it or believe we’re not up to what feels like the impossible.

In this talk, Rev. Chris uses Christian scripture to illustrate that we are not alone in our callings or our fears. She also reminds us that it’s not just little old us that can make the vision happen; it’s actually the presence of Spirit in us and that, in fact, if we can do it ourselves, the vision isn’t big enough!

Metaphysician Ernest Holmes said the world has learned all it can through suffering; modern day researcher Brene Brown says we humans are built for struggle. How do we find middle ground in this seeming dichotomy and move forward so that we can stand in right relationship to our humanness? Chris shares the wisdom she learned in Alcoholics Anonymous and in the Science of Mind & Spirit to come to a practical and positive understanding of how to live in the balance.

Forgiveness is fine for the smaller things in life, but how do you forgive the unforgivable–the most horrific and unthinkable acts that can’t possibly be forgiven? David Blakey tells how he walked through a heart-wrenching story of friendship, suffering, hardship and being there because it’s the right thing to do. He describes the heartbreak of a friend as her mother is dying of cancer, and that mother having to attend her daughter’s funeral. What do you do when there’s no one else to do the hard things in life? David’s talk describes showing up and doing the next right thing that was in front of him because there was no one else who could. The story takes him through his own process of grief, anger and ultimately, forgiveness.

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