About HeartSpace

Discover. Awaken. Transform.

HeartSpace Spiritual Center is an authentic, bold, loving community that awakens individuals to their spiritual magnificence and provides sanctuary for the soul.

We’re a non-religious spiritual community that comes together to grow, celebrate and discover a new way to live. For us, spirituality isn’t a theory, it’s an every day, every moment way of being in the world. We aspire to walk our talk.

We seek to live mindfully and love deeply, because we know that this aligns us with the Loving Presence that is God. Through spiritual practice, we reveal the Truth that we’re all one with God, free and powerful beyond imagination and capable of changing the world through changing ourselves from the inside out.

We’re dedicated to creating a peace-filled, loving world anchored in the perfection of Spirit, a world that supports each and every individual in expressing their unique gifts in a purposeful, fulfilling, passionate way. We are dedicated to spiritual practices because we know that they are the foundation to transforming ourselves and our world. We are committed to a world that works for everyone and a life that works for each of us because we know that there is an essential unity that connects us all. No matter who you are or where you are on your journey, you are welcome at HeartSpace.

You can wear whatever you want. We don’t do guilt, shame or damnation.

Also, plan to laugh. A lot. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome.

Do you have a prayer request?

HeartSpace Dallas is a spiritual community that engages in spiritual practices together, not as theory, but as a way of living.

Although it’s great to have ideas about God, we aspire to having the experience of God in our hearts and lives. If we can incorporate the spiritual practices into our everyday living, we can experience heaven on earth. Below is a list of some of the practices that will boost your everyday spirituality. This is not an exhaustive list because anything can be a spiritual practice. Start with one or two of these that appeal to you and build from there. And, here’s a money back guarantee: If you aren’t amazed by the transformation in your life, we will cheerfully refund your previous state of mind.