June 1, 2019

This new 5-week Wednesday night class begins June 12 and is based on Thomas Moore’s book “The Soul’s Religion.” This class is a journey through the deep spirituality that cannot be verbalized, but rather is known within. It explores nonverbal knowing, the power of ritual, and spiritual knowing that extends beyond religion. Each class contains a deep ritual process and dialog. The class costs $100 and will be at Chris’s home in Richardson. There’s a class signup sheet at the front desk or for more information, you can also email

Join us for our June Dinner Friends. It will be a POOL PARTY at the home of Lynda Taylor on Saturday, June 22 starting at 3:30 pm, with dinner at 6ish. Lynda lives in North Dallas – just south of the George Bush Tpk. at Preston Rd. Everyone brings food to share. It’s a wonderful evening of laughter, hugs, great conversations, and of course amazing food! Please come for a relaxing, enjoyable get together that is a great way to make new friends with people who are of like mind. To RSVP or to get on the email list so you’ll know about our upcoming dinners, email Kevin Prentice at