You Want Me to Do WHAT?!

There is a still small voice that calls to us, telling us that there is something that only we can do. A calling, a higher purpose, a passion, a way of being or doing in the world. But we [...]


The Struggle is Real. Is It?

Metaphysician Ernest Holmes said the world has learned all it can through suffering; modern day researcher Brene Brown says we humans are built for struggle. How do we find middle ground in this [...]

Exhale to Empty

My beloved spiritual teacher told me a couple of weeks ago that I’m experiencing a classic dark night of the soul. It wasn’t news to me, but in an odd way it was comforting to hear [...]


Do It Scared

I talk for a living and that’s a good thing. I love to talk. It’s something I can’t not do. Writing? Not so much. See, something happens when I write that doesn’t happen [...]