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No Church – Gas Leak in the Building

From our Guiding Principles: “We recognize that joy is an inherent part of a spiritual life. We engage playfully and with an attitude of gratitude, allowing our passion for life to shine in [...]


UCAN invisible page

this is where we’d post UCAN info for our text blasts


In the Midst of What Appears to Be Hell

Head’s Up: If you want to skip the emotion-dump, my prayer is at the bottom. What Appears to Be Hell Today, September 21, is the International Day of Peace, designated by the United Nations [...]

Exhale to Empty

My beloved spiritual teacher told me a couple of weeks ago that I’m experiencing a classic dark night of the soul. It wasn’t news to me, but in an odd way it was comforting to hear [...]


Why So Purple, World?

I have been ill for a week. Flu. Awful. Now that I’m recovering I join countless numbers of folks around the world in being sick, heartsick. How can a human being as alive, as vital as [...]